What’s unique about the music of DoubleEdge?

When you listen to the music of DoubleEdge what will stand out most are the lyrics.  Many have compared the lyrics of DoubleEdge to modern hymnody.  The words are taken from Scripture and beautifully composed in poetry that is convicting, encouraging, and strengthening to your faith.  Troy and Sean put into their songs wisdom gleaned through studying the Word and through seasons of persevering in prayer—and it shows!

Their approach to their sound is also unique.  While the lyrics are the utmost feature, the melodies and accompaniment are important and well-crafted too.  In 1 Corinthians 14:8 we are given a principle that sound must be clear and can convey meaning to their listeners.  In light of that, the music of DoubleEdge is also created to enhance the message of the lyrics.  The mood, tone and style are always in balance with the words so as to create the perfect accompaniment to the lyrics.

To listen to the music of DoubleEdge, visit their sample page here: Music Samples