Vicki Yohe And Carmen Respond To Donald Trump’s Presidency

What it means when there's so much opposition

Double Edge Music Podcast Host: Troy Isaacs

In his Facebook live video on Thursday that has been viewed over 100,000 times, Carman celebrated his birthday by pulling out his guitar, chatting with fans and singing some songs. The 45-minute video ended with a song dedication he wrote for the 45th president of the United States.
Since Trump hadn’t been sworn into office at the time the Facebook Live video was broadcast, the singer decided to compile a few headlines and popular Trump quotes and use them as his song lyric inspiration.
Vickie Yohe took to Instagram on Saturday to express her support for the newly-sworn in president, Donald J. Trump. In her post, which is no longer accessible, Vickie Yohe responded to the 2.9 million demonstrators marching around the world in the Women’s March.  Yohe’s social media post featured an actor dressed as Jesus carrying suitcases with the words, “On my way back to the White House.” On the post Yohe wrote, “March all you want, protest all you want, President DONALD J. TRUMP is our President for at least 4 years, no weapon formed against him will prosper!” “You know you are doing something right when there is so much opposition!!! #excitingtimes,” she added.

 What You Will Learn:

  • First, in this episode we will look at how Carmen celebrated his birthday and how it ended controversially
  • Next, we’ll review Vickie Yohe’s support in Instagram for the new presidency of Donald Trump
  • Finally, using Vickie Yohe’s commentary on Trump’s presidency as a springboard, Troy will look at the Scriptures to see what it means when there’s so much opposition

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