Who is Troy Isaacs?

Troy and his twin brother Sean, were born premature at five months, in Grand Bahama, Bahamas. At that time, there was no hope for premature babies that young, so a priest was brought to the hospital to perform the last rites. But God had greater plans and miraculously, they survived. However, due to excessive amounts of oxygen given in Troy’s incubator, he became legally blind. His vision became like that of an out-of-focus camera lens.  Despite this impairment, he had a normal upbringing and happy childhood.  His mother was determined not to allow his disability to prevent him from functioning as normally as possible.

Troy learned to read by holding books close to his face, and he developed a great memory of what he read. He also developed an acute ear for musical tones and cords. His life was easy-going and quite comfortable, until 1990.

Life radically changed for him when his older brother, Garfield, to whom he was very close, died of a “mysterious” illness. His brother’s death affected him emotionally and spiritually.  He didn’t want Garfield’s death to be in vain, so he took his God given gifts and put them to work.  Determined to serve the Lord whole-heartedly and to preach the gospel, he submerged himself in the Word of God and committed most of it to memory.  Once Troy put his “hand to the plow”, he never looked back.  But there was still something missing.

Troy was genuinely concerned about his twin brother Sean and his lifestyle at that time. He prayed earnestly that Sean would be miserable in his sin and that he would “repent”.  He even went as far as saying, “Lord if you do not save Sean, You’re going to have to send me to Hell.” Six months later, after a night of unfulfilling worldly fun, Sean found that he was miserable. It was through much prayer and supplication that the Lord opened up Sean’s heart and he was converted.

In 1994, Troy left the Bahamas for NY, to spend some time with Sean.  He attended Times Square church and sat under the ministry of David Wilkerson. Pastor Wilkerson’s ministry had a profound impact on Troy’s early Christian walk. God used the ministry of Pastor Wilkerson to break up the fallow ground in Troy’s life and provoke him to covet an even closer and more serious walk with God.

Another preacher that influenced Troy was Pastor A. N. Martin, of Trinity Baptist Church in NJ. Pastor Martin preached biblically on issues like the family, the church, the government, single life and many other subjects. The Lord used Pastor Martin to give Troy a better understanding of His character by making the Word more practical and easy to understand.

Lastly, the preacher who had the greatest impact on Troy’s spiritual walk was Leonard Ravenhill.  Even though Troy never actually sat under his ministry, he read most of his books and still listens to his sermons on a regular basis.  Mr. Ravenhill’s desire for revival and prayer, as well as his consciousness of eternity, influenced Troy to desire a more fulfilling daily walk with Christ. These men inspired and shaped much of Troy’s present theology and passion for prayer.

The Lord then led Troy to move to return to the Bahamas. Troy lived in Abaco for three years, where he preached at local churches and led three gospel choirs. God used him to touch many lives both young and old. He spent many of his days in prayer, fasting, and studying God’s word. The word became in him like a “fire shut up in his bones.” While he spent many days alone with God, he felt the Lord was leading him back to Freeport. Along with his brother Sean, he made the move to Freeport where they became known as the “street preaching twins” because of their itinerant street preaching. Troy & Sean eventually laid the foundation for a local church in Freeport (Open Door Ministries International), along with Pastor Kenneth Romer, until the Lord gave them the vision for DoubleEdge. Their vision is to reach an international audience.

Pursuing that desire to reach all nations, in 2004, Troy returned to the United States to continue and to expand the DoubleEdge Ministry, along with Sean. Settling in NJ, Troy and Sean had the opportunity to sing in many churches and congregational events in all of the Tri-State area. It was at one such event in New York that Troy met his future wife Adrienne. Troy married Adrienne in 2007 and the Lord has blessed them with a daughter, Mercy, and a son, Jeremiah. Troy seeks to shepherd his family and rear his young children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.  They now reside in Pennsylvania.

Troy and Sean continue to minister in churches of all denominations, seizing every opportunity to reach new and mature believers, as well as the unsaved.  God has given Troy a desire to seek a “spiritual awakening” in this generation.  He strongly believes that our Christian generation has lost the vision to seek and save the lost and make disciples for Christ. He hopes that through DoubleEdge he can reach many souls.