Church Leaders and Pastor Testimonials

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Here at the Church Leaders and Pastors Testimonials page you will find testimonials from Pastors and Church Leaders that have experienced the preaching, teaching and Music Ministry of Gospel Recording Artist DoubleEdge. It is our prayer and desire that as you read these testimonies from other Pastors and Church Leaders across multiple denominations, that you will find something that resonates with you and the needs of your ministry. DoubleEdge is excited about opportunities to serve the LORD by being a blessing to his people. Let us know how we can help you minister to the people of God in your area.

Church and Ministry Testimonials

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Here at the Church and Ministry Testimonial’s page, DoubleEdge have provided feedback from Churches and Ministries that have been blessed or impacted by the Preaching, Teaching and Music Ministry of Gospel Recording Artist DoubleEdge. It is our prayer and desire that as you read the feedback of the many Churches and non-profit ministries that have been blessed by DoubleEdge, that you will look for ways to have us do the same for your church or non profit organization.

Fan and Followers Testimonials

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The Fan and Followers testimonials page provides dozens of testimonials from “fans” and “followers” of Gospel Recording Artist, DoubleEdge. You will find that professing Christians from all walks of life and multiple denominations, have been blessed by the music and teaching ministry of DoubleEdge. It is our prayer that something here will encourage you to take the next step, if you haven’t yet, and make a choice to purchase one or more of our products. Your support helps us to continue to produce Contemporary Christian Music that is rich with Sound Doctrine and Biblical Theology.  Thanks for taking time to read through a few of these testimonials, we pray that you are blessed by what others had to say!