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Welcome to the DoubleEdge Music Ministry Website

Who Is DoubleEdge?

DoubleEdge is the music ministry of Sean and Troy Isaacs, twin brothers, originally from the Bahamas. Sean and Troy have a passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and desire to see reformation and revival sweep across this nation in this generation. About 15 years ago they began the ministry of DoubleEdge in prayer that the Lord would use them and their music to reach the lost, and revive and encourage God’s people. many of their songs were birthed through trials and difficulties. Yet, it was in those trials that the Lord worked in their lives and strengthened their dependence on Him for all things. Read More – About Us

What Do We Believe?

Sean and Troy Isaacs have traveled to hundreds of churches from Pentecostal to Presbyterian, Baptist to Brethren, Evangelical Free to AME. Developing relationships with believers from all backgrounds, with varying doctrines and traditions, has given DoubleEdge a balanced perspective on denominational differences and theological systems. While, we are told we must contend for the faith (Jude 1:3 and 3:3), and while there are certain essential, elementary doctrines, the majority of contentions are over non-essential, fringe topics causing unnecessary and damaging lost of fellowship.  On the contrary, while we must walk in the light in order to enjoy true fellowship, we must love one another with a love which does not puff up. Therefore, while we cling to the truth, we aim to do so with love. Read More – What We Believe

What Will You Find On Our Site? is where Sean and Troy share their music, as well as their podcasts, articles, books, videos, favorite quotes, upcoming ministry events and more.  If you haven’t received your SIX FREE songs from DoubleEdge yet, you’ll want to check those out and download them here: Our Gift To You – Six Free Songs

The podcast, Music News and the Bible, is done daily by Troy Isaacs and seeks to evaluate your favorite artists, their music and their performance in light of eternity. Each episode features a current story in the news and a Scriptural critique which analyzes the artist, their music and/or performance in comparison to the principles and precepts of the Word of God. Topics of past shows have been Kirk Franklin’s Losing My Religion, Beyonce and Her Influence on Believers, LeAndria Johnson’s Views about Grace. You can find current show and an archive of past shows here: Music News and the Bible.

In addition to our music and podcast, you’ll also find  articles, videos, favorite quotes and more.  You can find everything that we write, record and produce all on our blog. You’ll find the latest posts here: Our Blog.

Why Will You Want to Visit Our Site Often?

All of our resources –articles, music, books, podcasts, etc.– are designed to provide you with the “spiritual food” to nourish, encourage and exhort you as you walk with the Lord. We hope that as you read and view the content on this site, you are encouraged to have a deeper relationship with your Savior, a hunger for His word, a desire to live holy, and a burden to serve His people and reach the lost.

Check back often as we are continually writing and producing Scripture-filled music, and tools for you to use to biblically answer questions about music and worship. We also seek to encourage Christian songwriters in their endeavors to write better songs, and we continue to develop resources for those who aspire to and who are currently in music ministry. Also, be sure to stay up-to-date on our latest books which were written with the desire to help believers to make better musical choices, and to faithfully guard the “ear-gate”.

To stay in touch and keep up with our more recent articles and resources, you can subscribe here: Keep in Touch with DoubleEdge.

What Are Others Saying About Us?

We’ve have been blessed to be supported and loved by so many local churches, ministries, pastors, and individuals. Many have shared their testimonies with us of the impact our ministry has had in their lives.  We have been blessed and encourage to hear what the Lord has done and are honored to be His vessels. Read what others are saying about our ministry here: Read More- Testimonials