Should Vicki Yohe Apologize To The Church Or Should We Apologize to Her?

How Yohe responded to the massive backlash against her

Double Edge Music Podcast Host: Troy Isaacs

On Saturday, Yohe expressed her support for U.S. President Donald J. Trump by posting a photo on Instagram showing a man dressed as Jesus carrying suitcases. The post, which has since been taken down, also bears the words, “On my way back to the White House,” and was the gospel singer’s response to the Women’s March, The Christian Post details.  “March all you want, protest all you want, President DONALD J. TRUMP is our President for at least 4 years, no weapon formed against him will prosper!” said Yohe in her Instagram post. “You know you are doing something right when there is so much opposition!!! #excitingtimes,” Yohe added.
The post apparently was not received well by her followers because many expressed their disapproval of the captions she put in it. One netizen slammed her for supporting someone “who lies, curses, and incites violence.” Another netizen said Yohe just lost one supporter because of her pro-Trump post. Someone also vowed not to attend, buy, or patronize anything that the singer makes. Activist Shaun King posted an open letter on Facebook and called Yohe “disgusting.” King, who said he was a pastor for 15 years, said he was baffled with the singer’s implication that Jesus Christ was not in the White House during the term of former President Barack Obama, Raw Story relays.
In response to the massive backlash against her, Yohe deactivated most of her social media accounts. The gospel singer said there were many churches that have canceled their scheduled events with her. Others have called her a racist and even threatened her. Yohe also posted a statement on Facebook, apologizing to the people who may have been offended by the Instagram photo. The singer said she is excited at the prospect that the new administration will protect Christianity instead of attack it, but maintained that she does not condone any of Trump’s wrongdoings.

 What You Will Learn:

  • In this episode we will look at the rash anger expressed the remorseful artist and the represented assembly
  • How Yohe responded top the massive backlash against her
  • What the singer thinks about Trump’s doings

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