Who is Sean Isaacs?

Sean and his twin brother Troy were born premature, in Freeport Grand Bahama, Bahamas.  The doctors gave them up to die.  But, despite the doctors’ grim prognosis, and a priest being called to pronounce the last rites, God had another plan.  The priest decided to pray that God would spare their lives.  God answered his prayer and the twins survived!  They were raised in a God-fearing home by their mother.  They were required to attend church every time the doors were opened.   Since they lived one block away from the local Assembly of God church, there were no excuses for staying home. Although, Sean was a very shy and reserved little boy, he had a gift to sing.  He was confident when he sang and joined the children’s choir at his church. The complements he received birthed a desire for more recognition.  Singing became his way of receiving attention from his peers.


At age seventeen, Sean left the Bahamas to attend college in Brooklyn, N.Y.  The previously shy boy, was now self-assured – desiring a career in the entertainment industry.   Sean wanted to be a “sex symbol” and to have women “worship him”.  In his third year of college, he began recording a secular album with a local N.Y. Producer, and was on his way to fulfill his dreams!  He returned to the Bahamas for rest and relaxation believing that when he returned to NY, he would sign a record contract.  However, “…many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”


In September 1990, Sean’s brother Garfield became gravely ill with a “mysterious” illness. During his sickness, he visited a number of private doctors, but none could properly give a diagnosis, and on September 11, 1990, Garfield died.


This was a turning point in Sean’s life.  It was the most difficult period in his life.  Garfield’s death caused him to reflect upon the teaching and preaching he received as a young boy.  Life and death – heaven and hell were now real to him.  So he made an emotional, yet tentative, profession of faith in God.  He knew the thing that he loved and longed for the most – to be famous, would have to be laid upon the altar of God, if he was serious about pursuing righteousness.  Unfortunately, this resolve only lasted for a few months.  He was not ready to lay down his idols. God required too much.  The cost was too great.


In January of 1991, Sean returned to NYC with no desire to ever make the Bahamas home again.  He continued his old lifestyle and struggled with sin for about three months.  However, God would not allow him to be at ease in his sin. He came to the point where he was absolutely miserable in his rebellion towards God.  His mother and brother (Troy) were praying and asking God to make him miserable so he would never find satisfaction in his sinful lifestyle.


God heard their desperate prayers and changed Sean’s heart.  Sean returned to the Bahamas and on March 11, 1991, at 2:00 am, after leaving three local nightclubs in pursuit of pleasure, Sean came face to face with his sinful life.  He felt that unless he repented, God’s mercy would run out.  At his mother’s home, he bowed his head and heart to God and asked the Lord to save him. Sean returned to NYC  and eventually joined Times Square Church (Revival on Broadway), where he sat under the ministry of David Wilkerson. God used Pastor Wilkerson to soften Sean’s heart and give him a burden for the lost.


In describing a part of DoubleEdge’s vision, Sean says, “It is our desire that God would use our music to open doors of opportunity for us to preach and teach His Word. Music is powerful; The World, the Media and the Devil know and understand this. But I believe that the church – in general – falls short in understanding of this area.  We are very excited about “Glorify Your Name”, and we believe that God will use this album to touch and provoke change in many hearts. For us, this is would be the best and greatest reward.”


Sean is happily married to his wife of 16 years, has 3 children, and co-pastors Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in NJ.HE is t also the CEO of Glorify Him Now!