Quincy Jones Insults Taylor Swift and Her Music

Quincy Jones, music mogul and legend in the entertainment industry, has maintained steady fame for nearly seven decades. And it’s no wonder he’s continually in the spotlight. Jones’ list of accomplishments is miles long. From the production of Michael Jackson’s top three albums, to the production of The Color Purple, to the score for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Jones continues to stay contemporary and relevant in music and Hollywood. But these days Jones is in the news again, not for what he’s doing, but for what he’s saying.

Quincy Jones Has Got Bad Blood with Taylor Swift

In numerous interviews, Jones has slighted and insulted the work variety of music artists, from Elvis to the Beatles, but most notably Taylor Swift. When he asked Jones about Taylor Swift, GQ interviewer Chris Heath described the look on Jones’ face as “somewhere between disapproval and disdain.”  Jones scornfully described Swift’s songs just “hooks.” Jones also said “knowing what you’re doing” and work ethic is what’s missing from Swift’s music. Of course, Swift fans are not pleased with Jones’ comments. But was Jones wrong to be pointing fingers at Taylor Swift?

What You Will Learn in This Episode

In this episode, Troy will share highlights from Quincy Jones’ GQ interview and break his commentary down into three categories: his successful career, his sinful conduct and his soul’s condition. What can we, as believers, learn from the life that Quincy Jones has lived?


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