Jordin Sparks Has a New Life for the New Year

How beautiful it was to hear of her new life in Christ!

Jordin Sparks, the famed 2007 winner of American Idol, is heading into 2018 with a lot of new things going on. The popular singer-actress recently announced a secret elopement and marriage, and also a baby on the way.  As if those big surprises weren’t enough, in an emotionally moving Youtube video, Sparks also had other news to share: the testimony of her Christian conversion.

How beautiful it was to hear of her new life in Christ!


What You Will Learn:

  • In this episode of Music News and the Bible, Troy shares the three C’s of God’s redemptive work:
  • The condition, the conversion and the commission.

Listen in to be touched by the amazing work that God has done in the life of Jordin Sparks, and that He does in the lives of all those who are saved by His grace!


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