January 2nd: As Rich as a Chocolate Mousse

Sing Unto the Lord: Daily Devotional

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.

Colossians 3:16


As Rich as Chocolate Mousse, Photo Credit: Adobe Stock Photo

As Rich as Chocolate Mousse, Photo Credit: Adobe Stock Photo

Have you ever eaten a gourmet chocolate? There’s a big difference between a high-quality, pure, hand-crafted chocolate, and some run-of-the-mill candy that you get out of vending machine for a few cents.  There is a richness, a depth of flavor, that explodes on your taste buds, one that you savor slowly and luxuriously.  That is the picture that comes to mind in the phrase “dwell in you richly”.  Richness: it is difference between a Tootsie Roll and a Belgian chocolate mousse.

If we are honest with ourselves, too often we are content with being ankle-deep in the Scriptures. Five minute daily readings, grabbed in between our morning coffee and the race to work… Or ten minute half-hearted readings on our tablets as we also scroll through the incessant barrage of emails before we collapse into our beds at the end of the day….  And in between, instead of ruminating on the Word of God, our minds are filled with all the pressing demands of the day or the luring distractions of entertainment. This hurried life we have developed leaves little room for the Word of God to dwell richly, and yet it must. We must grow discontented with ankle-deep Christianity, and yearn for more.

The idea of the word dwell is to inhabit, to take up residence, to fill up a space within. Have you ever walked into a house and it is filled with all the things that make that place a home: the family members bustling to and fro, their belongings tucked here and there, the sounds of their voices, the smells of their meals fill the rooms? That is the idea here of “dwell”. The Scriptures should fill our hearts and minds as a happy family fills a home, the vibrancy of their life together permeating every nook and cranny.

Is there richness to your love for and devotion to the Word of God? Do you savor and meditate on the Word throughout the day? Do you hang on to the “taste” of each morsel of truth, just as one might luxuriate over a bite of a fine chocolate mousse? Is God’s Word “at home” in your mind, just like a family dwells together in a house? Do the Scriptures fill your heart to overflowing?


Scripture for Further Reading

  • Psalm 1:2
  • Psalm 104:34
  • Psalm 119:11, 18, 10-11, 97-99
  • Isaiah 26:3
  • Matthew 4:4
  • John 15:7


Suggestions for Prayer

  • Ask the Lord to increase the depth of your time in His Word
  • Pray for the Word of God to fill your heart and mind

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