Is Your iPod Stealing Your Worship?

A Message from Pastor Cortt Chavis

Pastor Cortt Chavis is on point! So much truth!

Pastor Chavis hones in on the heavenly origin of music and exhorts us to ponder that music is the only element on Earth that isn’t earthly.  It’s the only thing on Earth that we manipulate that didn’t originate here. Selah.

What are you worshiping?

Music was created by God with a purpose– worship. The original purpose of music and our experience of music cannot be separated. Whether we realize it or not, we partake in an act of worship when we partake in music.

Stunted growth, bondage, and confusion run rampant in many hearts because we are not guarding our ear-gate.  Any ungodly music we imbibe pours ungodly thoughts and desires into our hearts and warps our mindsets.

On the other hand, music that is filled with Scripture, sound doctrine, and praise edifies and encourages us to walk in a manner worthy of the calling of Christ.

No one can watch this message from Pastor Chavis and walk away in the same ignorance about the playlists on their favorite MP3 player. The influence of music is real– scientifically proven– and we need to recognize its power!

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