What Can the Church Learn from Drake Giving Away $1 Million?

Drake’s “God’s Plan” has reached #1 on various charts in record time. When he released the song on EP, fans spotted the Toronto rapper in different parts of Florida, giving away checks and wads of cash to locals. As it turns out, Drake was filming those moments to be the epicenter of the visual for the track. Instead of using the production budget for elaborate filming and special effects, Drake used the near $1 million budget for the video to help those in need.


Drake, the Philanthropist

Drake paid for all the groceries of one shopper in the supermarket, gave scholarship money to a high school student, provided $10K shopping sprees for a few individuals, and supplied a homeless shelter with some funds to help contribute more to the community, among other deeds.  TMZ caught up with Drake to ask him how it felt to give away so much money: “Man, it’s one of the – exactly the best thing I’ve ever done in my life, to be honest, for real.”  The reporter even asked how he could ever outdo such a video. “I don’t know,” he laughed. “Just keep helping.”


#GodsPlan, the Generosity Challenge

Since the release of the video, the internet has been abuzz with nothing but kind words and thanks for the rapper. Drake says he never intended to start a hashtag, but instead was motivated by a genuine desire to help and support people. But, the generosity in the video has taken on a life of it’s own as the #GodsPlan challenge, where people share their good deeds.


What Can We Learn?

Through his abundant generosity, Drake is inspiring people all over the internet to do the same. So, what can the Church learn from Drake and his unintended #GodsPlan challenge? In this episode, Troy will deal with 1- the REMEDY for not giving,  2- the REASONS for giving,  3- the REWARDS of giving, and 4-the RUIN of not giving. If you wish to be a great example of love and generosity, then you don’t want to miss this episode!

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