Christian Singer Remakes Taylor Swift’s Song to Reach the World

Can Christian Lyrics With Secular Music Be A Good Evangelistic Tool?

Beckah Shae, a Christian music artist, with a heart for the younger generation, and a songstress with her own original hits, also remakes popular secular songs that young folks are listening to. Shae has redone songs like Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do and Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You. Most recently she has taken Havana by Camilla Cabello and turned it into Hosanna.


Beckah Shae rewrites each song with lyrics about the Lord, the truth of the Bible, the wicked works of our Adversary, etc. Shae posts her cover songs, with a Christian twist, to Youtube and her Patreon account. Shae’s cover songs are going viral and she’s reaching new records for daily views on Youtube. But, is her approach Biblical?


Listeners chimed in on Facebook with answers to that question and their responses ranged from “Yes, as long as the lyrics are clean its harmless” to “No, what’s born of the flesh is flesh and what’s of the Spirit is Spirit” and everything in between. It’s generated quite debate!


What you will learn:

  • So, in this episode Troy examines the Scriptures to see the Biblical view of music.
  • Troy also examines its power, its purpose, and our partnerships in creating it.


This is only the first in a few episodes to covering artists who sample or do remakes of other artists’ work. Be sure to listen in for this one and follow up episodes!


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