Battle 3

Battle #3: Come, Now Is the Time to Worship versus O, Worship The King

After preaching and teaching, worship, in my opinion, is the second most significant part of a congregational gathering. Therefore, it seemed fitting to pick a “call to worship” song for the third battle in this series. One can hardly attend a modern church worship service without hearing the song Come, Now Is the Time to […]

Battle 2

Battle #2: We Fall Down (We Cry Holy, Holy, Holy) by Chris Tomlin versus Holy, Holy, Holy by Reginald Heber

Chris Tomlin is considered is one of the top CCM writers and artists of our day. One cannot browse through a Top 100 CCM Song List in any given year without coming across the name Chris Tomlin at the very least a handful of times. His song Made to Worship, from the CD See the […]

Song Battle 1

Battle #1: Desert Song by Hillsong Versus How Firm A Foundation

As all around us every day it seems like there is more bad news about our economy, more bad news about the state of our social affairs, I think it is fitting for the first battle to pick songs about confidence during tough times. According to, Top 100 CCLI Songs, Desert Song comes in […]


Introduction to a New Article Series: The Battle of the Songs

The churches that still sing hymns are becoming increasingly rare these days. A few will sing revamped or updated versions of the hymns, perhaps keeping a verse or two from the original, while pairing the remnant of the original lyrics with a new beat and a modern chorus. Honestly, I’m a bit of a purist […]