A Biblical Response to Sexual Harrassment

A Roundtable Discussion on the Reasons Behind the "Epidemic"

With the many individuals today being exposed for the ungodly behavior of sexual harassment, Troy felt the topic was so weighty and important that it warranted a roundtable discussion. He asked his wife, Adrienne, his twin brother, Sean, Sean’s wife, Deborah, and a brother-in-the-Lord, Ibn to join him for the discussion on why sexual harassment is so prevalent in our country. Adrienne, Ibn, Deborah, Sean and Troy each share their different perspectives on the aspects which have contributed to the “epidemic” proportions of harassment cases we are seeing today. What results is a lively discussion of the “why” behind sexual harassment.


Harassment by a Boss

Why Is Sexual Harassment Happening in Our Society? Photo Credit: David Pereiras, Adobe Stock

What You Will Learn:
  • In this episode, the panel discussion explores the reasons behind the astounding proportions of harassment cases today
  • The Biblical responses to the choices we’ve made as a society and their results on our generation and the generations to follow

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