Quincy Jones Insults Taylor Swift

Quincy Jones Insults Taylor Swift and Her Music

Quincy Jones, music mogul and legend in the entertainment industry, has maintained steady fame for nearly seven decades. And it's no wonder he’s continually in the spotlight. Jones’ list of accomplishments is miles long. From the production of Michael Jackson’s top three albums, to the production of The Color Purple, to the score for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Jones continues to stay contemporary and relevant in music and Hollywood. But these days Jones is in the news again, not for what he’s doing, but for what he’s saying.

Quincy Jones Has Got Bad Blood with Taylor Swift

In numerous interviews, Jones has slighted and insulted the work variety of music artists, from Elvis to the Beatles, but most notably Taylor Swift. When he asked Jones about Taylor Swift, GQ interviewer Chris Heath described the look on Jones’ face as "somewhere between disapproval and disdain."  Jones scornfully described Swift’s songs just “hooks.” Jones also said “knowing what you’re doing” and work ethic is what’s missing from Swift’s music. Of course, Swift fans are not pleased with Jones’ comments. But was Jones wrong to be pointing fingers at Taylor Swift?

What You Will Learn in This Episode

In this episode, Troy will share highlights from Quincy Jones’ GQ interview and break his commentary down into three categories: his successful career, his sinful conduct and his soul’s condition. What can we, as believers, learn from the life that Quincy Jones has lived?  
Jesus Paid It All

Jesus Paid It All by Elvina Hall


  Jesus Paid It All is one of those hymns that has endured for the ages. Although written over a century ago, it remains fresh and relevant. Most recently, The Newsboys and Kristian Stanfill have given their modern renditions of this timeless hymn.  Jesus Paid It All remains a favorite of conservative and contemporary churches […]

Christian Singer Remakes Taylor Swifts Songs

Christian Singer Remakes Taylor Swift’s Song to Reach the World

Can Christian Lyrics With Secular Music Be A Good Evangelistic Tool?

Beckah Shae, a Christian music artist, with a heart for the younger generation, and a songstress with her own original hits, also remakes popular secular songs that young folks are listening to. Shae has redone songs like Taylor Swift's Look What You Made Me Do and Ed Sheeran's Shape of You. Most recently she has taken Havana by Camilla Cabello and turned it into Hosanna.   Beckah Shae rewrites each song with lyrics about the Lord, the truth of the Bible, the wicked works of our Adversary, etc. Shae posts her cover songs, with a Christian twist, to Youtube and her Patreon account. Shae’s cover songs are going viral and she’s reaching new records for daily views on Youtube. But, is her approach Biblical?   Listeners chimed in on Facebook with answers to that question and their responses ranged from “Yes, as long as the lyrics are clean its harmless” to “No, what’s born of the flesh is flesh and what’s of the Spirit is Spirit” and everything in between. It’s generated quite debate!  

What you will learn:

  • So, in this episode Troy examines the Scriptures to see the Biblical view of music.
  • Troy also examines its power, its purpose, and our partnerships in creating it.
  This is only the first in a few episodes to covering artists who sample or do remakes of other artists' work. Be sure to listen in for this one and follow up episodes!   For More Music News and the Bible episodes, be sure to check out: Music News & the Bible   Or. if you have feedback about the show, visit our page on Facebook: DoubleEdge Music on Facebook
The Love of God

The Love of God by Frederick Lehman


The Love of God by Frederick Lehman, and his daughter, Claudia Mays, has endured as one of the most beloved hymns over the decades.  The popular Christian band, MercyMe, did a rendition (listen to it here: MercyMe– The Love of God). However, my favorite rendition will always be the one by the Gaithers and Friends (listen […]

What are you worshiping?

Is Your iPod Stealing Your Worship?

A Message from Pastor Cortt Chavis

Pastor Cortt Chavis is on point! So much truth! Pastor Chavis hones in on the heavenly origin of music and exhorts us to ponder that music is the only element on Earth that isn’t earthly.  It’s the only thing on Earth that we manipulate that didn’t originate here. Selah. Music was created by God with […]

Morning by morning, new mercies I see

Great Is Thy Faithfulness by Thomas Chisholm


  Thomas Chisholm became convicted of “sin, righteousness and judgement”  at a revival meeting, in his small town of Franklin, Kentucky, led by evangelist and pastor Dr. Henry Clay Morrison. Afterwards, although Chisholm struggled with bouts of poor health, he was captivated by the continued hand of God on his life. Chisholm gave up a […]

Timbaland's Addiction

Music Producer Timbaland Almost Destroys His Career Through An Addiction

The Epidemic of Addiction and What We Can Do About It

Legendary producer Timberland has opened up about his struggles with addiction. In a recent interview he reveals he suffered a near-death overdose. Speaking to Rolling Stone, the artist, born Timothy Mosey, revealed that he began taking OxyContin in his 30s. The addiction began innocently. He began using OxyContin to help with nerve issues that came from a gunshot wound he got as a teenager.  As his usage became rampant, his chart success declined, and his marriage collapsed. The downward spiral lead him to struggle with a cycle of depression and further addiction. Timberland said he survived a near-death overdose while sleeping three years ago, recalling that "there was a light...I woke up trying to catch my breath, like I was underwater. But through that whole thing I saw life – I saw where I would be if I don't change, and where I could be if I did." After weaning himself off the medication and experiencing withdrawal, he "thought about Michael Jackson... I didn't want to be old and taking these pills."

What You Will Learn:

In this episode Troy discusses:
  • Timothy Mosley who was instrumental in producing some of the most well-known songs for Aaliyah, Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliott, Jay-Z and many other well-known artists.
  • Highlights of his successful career, contrasted by the low of addiction to pain pills.
  • Troy gives seven motives that should compel anyone that is dealing with drugs, pornography, or any other type of sin that seems impossible to break.
You could help someone to break free from addiction with these seven Biblical motivations. Take time to listen!   For More Music News and the Bible episodes, be sure to check out: Music News & the Bible   Or. if you have feedback about the show, visit our page on Facebook: DoubleEdge Music on Facebook
O the Deep, Deep Love-- Samuel Trevor Francis

O, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus– Samuel Trevor Francis

Inspiring Quotes: Spiritual Song Saturdays

  O, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus, a timeless hymn, has had several popular renditions, from Selah, to Bob Kauflin, to Audrey Assad. This song, originally written by Samuel Trevor Francis, contains poignant metaphors, likening the love of Our Lord to an ocean current that runs over, underneath and all around us. The striking water […]

Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs Photo Credit: Christian Delbert, Adobe Stock Photo

January 5th: It’s Not About Your Preferences

Sing Unto the Lord Devotional

  Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. Colossians 3:16   When Steve Jobs conceived of the iPod, he envisioned “music in your pocket”. His ideas changed the landscape of […]