DMX Is Fined $2.3 Million and 1 Year in Jail for Tax Evasion

DMX, the controversy-riddled rapper, is in trouble yet again! The "X Gon' Give It to Ya" rapper, wasn't "giving it" to the IRS apparently! Recently, a judge sentenced DMX to 365 days in prison for tax evasion.  The judge also ordered DMX to pay $2.3 million in restitution to the IRS.

The Sentence: Jail Time and Restitution

As reported by TMZ, the judge is allowing X — real name Earl Simmons — to pay the exorbitant amount in monthly installments. Two months after his release from prison, he will have to pay 10 percent of his gross monthly income every month until he pays off the entire debt.  In addition, X must participate in an outpatient substance abuse program and outpatient mental health program once he’s out.

DMX Will Be Wearing Orange!

Now, the 47-year-old New York native will reportedly serve out his time at Danbury Federal Correctional Facility. It's a famous prison for a famous person. The Danbury, Connecticut prison where DMX will serve his sentence is the same one that inspired the hit HBO show Orange Is The New Black.  According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons website, X is currently being held at Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City.

What Can We Learn from DMX's Situation?

So, what can we learn from DMX's predicament? What must a believer do in regards to paying tax? In this episode, Troy will look at Matthew 22 where the Pharisees and the Herodians confronted the Lord to ask Him about His view on paying taxes.  Troy will look at the Pharisee's motive and their malice, as well as the Lord's mandate.  

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Snoop Dogg Makes an Album w/ Fred Hammond, Tye Tribbett, Mary Mary, & Many Other Gospel Artists

Released on 3/16, (hint, hint... think John 3:16!) Bible of Love is Snoop Dogg's 16th album, but first-ever gospel project. The award-winning artist and icon, whose career spans more than 25 years, is making new waves in the music industry. Snoop Dogg's career was rather quiet for a few years, but he made headlines recently for less than stellar behavior.  Now the rapper seems to have turned a corner from his more violent theatrics (see the article on Snoop's music video featuring shooting President Trump, here: Snoop Shoots Prez In Video). Bible of Love is all about positive vibes, peace, love and harmony. Also, with this new release, Snoop launched All The Time Entertainment, a label to provide more opportunities for gospel music artists. If you're old school and that record label name sounds familiar to you it should.  If you grew up in a black church back in the day then you know the call and response: "God is good, all the time... and all the time, God is good!" According to Snoop, he's always been inspired by the goodness of God.  

Bible of Love Is Not Your Ordinary Album

Bible of Love defies every rule in the music industry, clocking in at an impressive 32 tracks long duration. To pull it off, Snoop collaborated with some of the heaviest hitters in the Gospel industry including Fred Hammond, Tye Tribett, Mary Mary, Rance Allen, The Clark Sisters, Faith Evans, and many more. According to Snoop, he and co-executive producer, Lonny Bereal, handpicked some of Snoop’s personal favorites from gospel and R&B. His goal was to both showcase the genre and bring people together.  

What Does the Bible of Love Teach Us?

In this episode Troy looks at 2nd Timothy 3: 1-9 as he deals with the 18 characteristics of an individual that has a form of godliness. How does a "form of godliness" apply to Snoop, the Gospel Music industry, and the individuals mentioned on this album? We will take a look at their affections, their actions, and their agenda. Have you heard Bible of Love yet? What did you think of it? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Sound off on our Facebook page: DoubleEdge Music on FB

What Can the Church Learn from Drake Giving Away $1 Million?

Drake's "God's Plan" has reached #1 on various charts in record time. When he released the song on EP, fans spotted the Toronto rapper in different parts of Florida, giving away checks and wads of cash to locals. As it turns out, Drake was filming those moments to be the epicenter of the visual for the track. Instead of using the production budget for elaborate filming and special effects, Drake used the near $1 million budget for the video to help those in need.  

Drake, the Philanthropist

Drake paid for all the groceries of one shopper in the supermarket, gave scholarship money to a high school student, provided $10K shopping sprees for a few individuals, and supplied a homeless shelter with some funds to help contribute more to the community, among other deeds.  TMZ caught up with Drake to ask him how it felt to give away so much money: "Man, it's one of the - exactly the best thing I've ever done in my life, to be honest, for real."  The reporter even asked how he could ever outdo such a video. "I don't know," he laughed. "Just keep helping."  

#GodsPlan, the Generosity Challenge

Since the release of the video, the internet has been abuzz with nothing but kind words and thanks for the rapper. Drake says he never intended to start a hashtag, but instead was motivated by a genuine desire to help and support people. But, the generosity in the video has taken on a life of it's own as the #GodsPlan challenge, where people share their good deeds.  

What Can We Learn?

Through his abundant generosity, Drake is inspiring people all over the internet to do the same. So, what can the Church learn from Drake and his unintended #GodsPlan challenge? In this episode, Troy will deal with 1- the REMEDY for not giving,  2- the REASONS for giving,  3- the REWARDS of giving, and 4-the RUIN of not giving. If you wish to be a great example of love and generosity, then you don't want to miss this episode!

Music Artists React to the Florida School Shooting

All over of the country, people are reeling from the impact of the recent school shooting in Florida. Music artists have taken to Twitter and other social outlets to voice their reactions, ranging from sadness and compassion to frustration and confused shock. How can something like this happen? How can someone be so heartless as to shoot down innocent children and teachers in cold blood?  

Nikolas Cruz: Demons Made Me Do It

After the authorities charged him with the premeditated murder of 17 people at his former high school in Parkland, Florida, Nikolas Cruz told authorities that "demons" gave him instructions on how to commit one of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history. Investigators told ABC News that Cruz said he heard voices in his head, described as demons, as he gunned down his victims on Wednesday at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School which he had attended from Jan. 13, 2016, to Feb. 8, 2017.  

A Troubled Past

After further investigation into the shooting, details are coming to light about this young man's history. Nikolas has been in and out of trouble since his childhood. The police have reports of visiting his home for violent outbreaks numerous times. Fellow classmates report seeing hints of violent tendencies and social media posts of horrifying plans of attack. Neighbors report that Nikolas would torture and plague the neighborhood pets and stray animals as well.  

What We Will Learn

While the world is trying to figure out why Nikolas would commit such atrocities on a school campus, Troy looks at Mark chapter 5 to discover the seven signs of a demon possessed individual.  After listening, ask yourself if Nikolas Cruz is indeed possessed by demons.
Quincy Jones Insults Taylor Swift

Quincy Jones Insults Taylor Swift and Her Music

Quincy Jones, music mogul and legend in the entertainment industry, has maintained steady fame for nearly seven decades. And it's no wonder he’s continually in the spotlight. Jones’ list of accomplishments is miles long. From the production of Michael Jackson’s top three albums, to the production of The Color Purple, to the score for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Jones continues to stay contemporary and relevant in music and Hollywood. But these days Jones is in the news again, not for what he’s doing, but for what he’s saying.

Quincy Jones Has Got Bad Blood with Taylor Swift

In numerous interviews, Jones has slighted and insulted the work variety of music artists, from Elvis to the Beatles, but most notably Taylor Swift. When he asked Jones about Taylor Swift, GQ interviewer Chris Heath described the look on Jones’ face as "somewhere between disapproval and disdain."  Jones scornfully described Swift’s songs just “hooks.” Jones also said “knowing what you’re doing” and work ethic is what’s missing from Swift’s music. Of course, Swift fans are not pleased with Jones’ comments. But was Jones wrong to be pointing fingers at Taylor Swift?

What You Will Learn in This Episode

In this episode, Troy will share highlights from Quincy Jones’ GQ interview and break his commentary down into three categories: his successful career, his sinful conduct and his soul’s condition. What can we, as believers, learn from the life that Quincy Jones has lived?  
Jesus Paid It All

Jesus Paid It All by Elvina Hall


  Jesus Paid It All is one of those hymns that has endured for the ages. Although written over a century ago, it remains fresh and relevant. Most recently, The Newsboys and Kristian Stanfill have given their modern renditions of this timeless hymn.  Jesus Paid It All remains a favorite of conservative and contemporary churches […]

Christian Singer Remakes Taylor Swifts Songs

Christian Singer Remakes Taylor Swift’s Song to Reach the World

Can Christian Lyrics With Secular Music Be A Good Evangelistic Tool?

Beckah Shae, a Christian music artist, with a heart for the younger generation, and a songstress with her own original hits, also remakes popular secular songs that young folks are listening to. Shae has redone songs like Taylor Swift's Look What You Made Me Do and Ed Sheeran's Shape of You. Most recently she has taken Havana by Camilla Cabello and turned it into Hosanna.   Beckah Shae rewrites each song with lyrics about the Lord, the truth of the Bible, the wicked works of our Adversary, etc. Shae posts her cover songs, with a Christian twist, to Youtube and her Patreon account. Shae’s cover songs are going viral and she’s reaching new records for daily views on Youtube. But, is her approach Biblical?   Listeners chimed in on Facebook with answers to that question and their responses ranged from “Yes, as long as the lyrics are clean its harmless” to “No, what’s born of the flesh is flesh and what’s of the Spirit is Spirit” and everything in between. It’s generated quite debate!  

What you will learn:

  • So, in this episode Troy examines the Scriptures to see the Biblical view of music.
  • Troy also examines its power, its purpose, and our partnerships in creating it.
  This is only the first in a few episodes to covering artists who sample or do remakes of other artists' work. Be sure to listen in for this one and follow up episodes!   For More Music News and the Bible episodes, be sure to check out: Music News & the Bible   Or. if you have feedback about the show, visit our page on Facebook: DoubleEdge Music on Facebook
The Love of God

The Love of God by Frederick Lehman


The Love of God by Frederick Lehman, and his daughter, Claudia Mays, has endured as one of the most beloved hymns over the decades.  The popular Christian band, MercyMe, did a rendition (listen to it here: MercyMe– The Love of God). However, my favorite rendition will always be the one by the Gaithers and Friends (listen […]

What are you worshiping?

Is Your iPod Stealing Your Worship?

A Message from Pastor Cortt Chavis

Pastor Cortt Chavis is on point! So much truth! Pastor Chavis hones in on the heavenly origin of music and exhorts us to ponder that music is the only element on Earth that isn’t earthly.  It’s the only thing on Earth that we manipulate that didn’t originate here. Selah. Music was created by God with […]

Morning by morning, new mercies I see

Great Is Thy Faithfulness by Thomas Chisholm


  Thomas Chisholm became convicted of “sin, righteousness and judgement”  at a revival meeting, in his small town of Franklin, Kentucky, led by evangelist and pastor Dr. Henry Clay Morrison. Afterwards, although Chisholm struggled with bouts of poor health, he was captivated by the continued hand of God on his life. Chisholm gave up a […]