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Music Samples

“Much contemporary Christian music lacks both content and clarity. Not so with Double Edge. Their words are not only easy to hear, but they carry a clear clarion call both to the Church and to the unsaved.” Ray Comfort Living Waters Ministries


Think On These Things


I’ve already listened to both CD’s probably about 20 times each in the last couple of weeks. I sung “Guard Your Heart” in time of temptation, and “Be Anxious For Nothing” last night when I had lost my girlfriend’s promise ring that I’m going to give her in a few months. In both situations, thank You Jesus, for His engrafted Word which is able to save us and keep us in those times. David Michael

Glorify Your Name

Dear precious brothers in Christ, This is to encourage you to know that your CD of anointed revival music is being used mightily at THE TABERNACLE OF PRAISE here in Cebu. ESPECIALLY among the youth and their prayer times before the LORD. You music and giftings are very anointed for conviction and revival. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK FOR JESUS AND HIS KINGDOM.(!)

BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, GOD BLEST FOREVER ! – a friend of bro.Ravenhill, now in glory. bro.Len Pastor Len Cebu, Philippines

He Shall Reign


Wonderful new Christmas CD!! I will be ordering a few for the holidays. It’s good to see that you all are still pressing in & pressing on. God Bless you!!

Sandy Celestin Freeport Grand Bahamas